2Wire HomePortal Gateways
2Wire HomePortal Gateways

2Wire 2701 gateways work well with SkyAngel once they are optimally configured. Below are the steps to configure the 2Wire 2701.

AT&T U-Verse uses the 2Wire 3800HGvB HomePortal Gateway. This modem has a default wireless security setting of WPA. If your STB has not upgraded to 2.5.0 yet, you will need to change this setting to WEP to connect the STB to the Internet. Once it connects to the Internet and downloads the 2.5.0 Upgrade, you will be able to change your system back to WPA security. Both the WPA key and modem password are found on the outside of the modem.

NOTE: The firmware is similar to the firmare of the 2Wire HomePortal 2701.
Recommended: Yes, with technical support.

2Wire Default Gateway: or gateway.2wire.net.

  • If you do not remember your password, you can click "I Forgot My Password" on the login screen and the 2Wire will provide you with a password hint.
  • If you still do not remember, you can click on "I Still Don't Remember My Password" and the 2Wire will prompt you for the system key.
  • The system key is located on the side of the 2Wire HomePortal on a sticker and is a 10-digit number surrounded by brackets (ex: [1234567890]). It is located between the two barcodes on the sticker (see image below).
  • Once you enter the system key, the 2Wire will allow you to reset the password to anything you like.



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