ActionTec Wireless Routers


We now have access to up-to-date ActionTec emulators.
It is strongly recommended to use those.
The new emulators include ActionTec and Verizon firmware.
This way you can match firmware to what the customer has and see exactly what they see.

The new ActionTec emulators are located on the Tech Portal!

However the guide is still availabe below:

ActionTec MI424


The ActionTec MI424 has been known to cause some compatibility issues with SkyAngel IPTV.
Verizon FIOS usually offers this router to its customers, and they seem to have trouble.
It is not known whether the router or FIOS is causing the problem.

Type the Default Gateway into your URL bar.

Default Gateway:
Username: admin
Password: password

When you get logged in you should see this screen.

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