ActionTec M1000


We now have access to up-to-date ActionTec emulators.
It is strongly recommended to use those.
The new emulators include ActionTec and Verizon firmware.
This way you can match firmware to what the customer has and see exactly what they see.

The new emulators are located on the Tech Portal!

If the DSL modem is causing a problem, the easiest way to correct it is by bridging the modem.
A router is required, and the customer should call their ISP to have this done.
If the customer does not have a router, you can try to configure the modem:


ActionTec M1000 Login

Default Gateway:
username: admin
password: (defined by user)

Type Default Gateway into your URL bar.
Enter Username and Password.
Once you get logged in you should see the status page:


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