Air port extreme

On a Mac, follow these steps to access the router

1. Open AirPort Utility from Applications/Utilities.

2. Or, from your computer, click the WiFi icon in the top right corner and Turn AirPort On. When AirPort is on, it will try to auto-detect all available wireless networks in the area.

3. Look for your AirPort from the list, it will contain the last 6 digits and letters of your MAC ID.
A MAC (media access control) address is a unique hardware identification number for a network port, your MAC ID is located under your AirPort.

Look for "Base Station XXXXXX", where XXXXXX is the last six digits of the wireless MAC address

4. You can configure your AirPort in Assisted Mode by pressing Continue. To manually configure your AirPort, please refer to page 17 in the Designing AirPort Network PDF.
5. Next, give your network and base station unique names.
6. Select the country and the radio mode.
7. Set the level of Security for your network: WEP, WPA2 (recommended), or none.
8. Select how you want to connect to the Internet at this time, a warning will pop up if you did not connect the cables correctly.


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