Audio Video Setup

This section discusses the procedures used to connect the STB to the customer’s television. There are three different video cables that the customer can use to connect the STB to his or her TV: Composite, Component, and S-video.

Composite (RCA): Yellow

Component: Red/Green/Blue

S-Video: Black Circle

Audio: Red/White

When connecting the STB to the TV, there MUST be one video connection and one Audio connection.

Click here for more audio/video equipment information.

Quick Connection Through a VCR

When connecting to a VCR, verify that the STB is connected to a proper input on that VCR. This is either done through a LINE/VIDEO button on the VCR remote or by pushing the DOWN channel button on the VCR remote.

Quick Connection to a TV

Connecting to the TV depends on the types of inputs that the TV receives. Generally, you will connect the STB to your TV through the yellow composite (RCA) cable and the Red/White audio cables.

Once the STB is properly connected to the TV, turn the STB on and verify that the green light is on. Eight seconds after the light comes on, the NeuLion screen will appear. If not, verify that the TV or VCR is on the correct video input and that the wires are properly connected.

Important Note: There are various names for INPUT buttons. These include:


If your TV does not possess any of these types of inputs, connect the STB to your VCR. If you do not have a VCR connected to the TV to which you are connecting the STB, you will need an RF modulator to connect the STB to the TV.

NOTE: When changing INPUTS or CHANNELS, always wait a few seconds.

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