Cable Modems and Gateways

Cable modems are normally provided by your Cable ISP, otherwise you can pick them up at your favorite electronics store.

Normal Cable Modems

Normal cable modems generally don't require any configuration by the user to make them work well with your Sky Angel STB. If you don't have a router, your computer and STB will have to share the one ethernet connection, with only one device connected at a time. If you have questions about how to setup your cable modem and Sky Angel STB, please see Wired Connection or Wireless Connection.

Cable Gateways

A few cable modems will have a built-in router—this is known as a Cable Gateway. These include wired and wireless devices. Cable Gateways may require you to log in to the device to optimize the settings to work best with the Sky Angel service. These include the Linksys WCG200-CC, Netgear CG814, and Ambit u10C019. These both use proprietary firmware from the issuing ISP. Click here for help with Comcast Home Networking (Comcast Firmware)

VoIP Cable Modem

VoIP Cable modems can often cause Packet Loss (Buffering) when connected with the Sky Angel service. This is usually corrected by connecting an external VoIP box after the modem and router. This will allow the Sky Angel service to bypass the VoIP altogether. Another way to solve this problem is to connect two separate cable modems—one that runs the VoIP and the other runs the internet for the STB and/or computers.

Major Cable Modem Manufacturers:

The most common cable modems we encounter are the Motorola Surfboard series, Scientific Atlanta/Webstar, RCA, Linksys, Netgear, Ambit, and Arris.

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