DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), is basically a way to 'foward' all information from the internet directly to a device. This can be a helpful function whenever buffering or server busy errors are occuring. DMZ function will help bring the data from our Skyangel service into the customers network, and directly to our STB. DMZ can help get around firewalls if customer wishes to keep them up on their network.

The STB must be connected to the device we set DMZ up on, or in the same IP range.

To enable DMZ, follow these steps:

  • Set up Static IP on our box
  • Log into the modem/router and navigate to the security/DMZ page
  • Set up DMZ function with the IP address of our STB
  • Power cycle all devices

For some devices, DHCP must be enabled on our STB for DMZ to work correctly, please check specific info on modem/router before setting up DMZ.

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