Known ISP Bandwidth Caps

AT&T DSL/U-Verse : No known bandwidth caps.

Big Sandy Cable: Big Sandy reserves the right to downgrade the customer's bandwidth at any time for whatever reason Big Sandy sees fit.

Brighthouse Cable: Brighthouse uses Earthlink or Road Runner depending upon area. Please see these ISPs for Cap Information.

Cable One Cable: Cable One acknowledges that although the customer pays for a certain speed, the customer may not receive that speed.

Century Tel DSL: “Because speeds and security are at times dependent upon the Internet, downloading and uploading speeds, reliability, and level of security may vary. Speed and service also may vary by area and will vary by the nature of the service you have selected. Internet access services are not available in all areas. Some restrictions apply.”

Charter Communications: Charter reserves the right to "slow service to Customer for purposes of conserving bandwidth."

Comcast Cable: "Comcast has established a monthly data consumption threshold per Comcast High-Speed Internet account of 250 Gigabytes (“GB”). Use of the Service in excess of 250GB per month is excessive use and is a violation of the Policy."

Comporium Cable: 50/90/1000 gb depending on the package. Comporium will charge an extra fee for usage above this.

Consolidated Cable: Consolidated Cable uses Comcast and Road Runner for service. Please see these companies for CAP information.

Cox Cable: "If you use excessive bandwidth as determined by Cox, Cox may terminate, suspend, or require you to upgrade the Service and/or pay additional fees."

Embarq DSL: No known bandwidth caps. Performance will vary, however.

Frontier DSL: The customer receives "5GB combined upload and download consumption" each month.

Hughes Net: 200 Mbps per day, afterwhich the Internet speed is cut to dial-up speeds.

Integrity Online: Blocks the ports that Sky Angel uses completely.

Jet Broadband Cable: Variable: "Mach 1: 20 Gigabytes Residential; Mach 2: 60 Gigabytes Residential; Mach 3: 100 Gigabytes."

Knology Cable: At Knology's discretion.

Mediacom Cable: "Download speeds are not guaranteed and may vary."

Megavision DSL: "Download backbone access up to 512 Kbps burst with sustained 384 Kbps." If you have a cust call in with Megavision DSL and they are experiencing buffering the problems, this is the package they most likely have (it’s the only residential package).

Optimum Cable: “Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.”

Qwest DSL: “Connection speeds will be up to 15% lower due to network overhead requirements and may vary for reasons such as customer location, websites accessed, Internet congestion and customer equipment.”

RCN: No known bandwidth caps.

Road Runner (Time Warner) Cable: No known bandwidth caps.

Suddenlink Cable: CAPS: “You agree to comply with the current bandwidth, data storage, electronic mail and other threshold limitations that correspond with the package of service you selected.”

Verizon DSL or FiOs: Left to Verizon’s discretion.

Windstream DSL: Left to Windstream’s discretion.

Wild Blue: 7,500 Mbps a month (download); 2,300 Mbps a month (Upload).

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