Error Message Questions

There are four primary error messages: Access Denied, Access Restricted, Server Busy, and Unable To Access Requested Page (UTARP). All three are very different, but easily fixable in most cases.

Access Denied
This message is seen on the STB when the STB is inactive. There are several reasons for this. Please call Sky Angel Customer Service to resolve the problem.

Access Restricted
This message is seen when the customer tries to access their Homepage, but their external IP address is registered as a foreign IP address. Please contact Sky Angel Customer Service at 1-800-759-2649 to resolve the problem.

Server Busy
This message appears when trying to access a program. Most commonly, this problem is caused by blocked ports or firewalls. It can generally be fixed by disabling these firewalls or by unblocking ports (1755, 1855, 1935, 2755, 3755).

Unable To Access Requested Page
To always make sure that you have a Homepage, verify the following information:
1. Verify that your Internet connection is working.
2. Verify that your networking equipment is configured optimally for the Sky Angel service.
3. Verify that your wireless/wired connection is working and connected to the STB.
4. Verify that your Homepage reads or Some instances of UTARP can only be fixed by changing the Homepage to
5. Try to Power Cycle your network.

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