Wireless Modems and Gateways

These are most often supplied by the customer's DSL ISP. Some modems have built in security features that need to be addressed such as firewalls and attack/intrusion detection (ADS) features that will either block the service or cause Packet Loss (buffering).

This is corrected by:

  • Disabling the firewall or other security features (Attack/Intrusion Detecion)
  • Bridging the modem to a router (if you are not using a wireless gateway)

Most Common Wireless Gateways:

Speedstream 4100/4200 Speedstream 5100/5200/5400/5500 2-Wire 2701
Speedstream4000 Speedstream5000 2Wire
Westell 2100/2200/6100 Netopia 2210 Westell 327W
Westell2100 Netopia2210 327W
ActionTec M1000 BEC 7300 ActionTec GT704
ActionTecM1000 BEC7300 ActionTecGT704
Speedstream 6520 Gigaset SE567
Speedstream6520 SE567

Major DSL Modem Manufacturers

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