Cisco & Microsoft enter the IPTV arena

Microsoft and Cisco are becoming the new power players in the IPTV world

Their products are the latest and greatest and are in a whole new category of entertainment.

Here are some links to thier information:

Cisco's consumer IPTV equipment - HERE

This is the grand daddy link, it offers information on just about everything to do with the Cisco IPTV equipment, both consumer and business end. They offer everything needed to start your own IPTV service and all the products are designed to work with each other.

Check it out HERE

Microsoft is working with Cisco on developing the media servers and I think they will be offering their own STB and programming as well. Check out their service HERE.

Microsoft's idea of marketing IPTV is to give the consumer everything they need at their TV. A complete source for entertainment if you will. Integrating their IPTV service with XBOX, online social networks, and offering HD programming in both live and VOD formats, all that can be recorded on the HD DVR feature.

Heres a press release about how Microsoft and Cisco are working together on the media servers. HERE

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