Sky Angel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q1: I have heard that installing my Sky Angel Set-top Box (STB) is as easy as “Plug, Plug, and Play.” Is installation really that easy?
A1: It definitely can be. On this site, we have included a copy of our User Guide and an installation video that is also on Godtube. Additionally, we have a trained customer service team that is dedicated to helping you install your Sky Angel service if you experience any problems with installation.

Q2: What equipment works best with the Sky Angel service?
A2: Most DSL modems, cable modems, and wireless routers work fine if you hardwire your Sky Angel service. If you connect wirelessly, we recommend you use a G-router.

Q3: Does Sky Angel work with all ISPs?
A3: No. In order to receive Sky Angel service, you must have a consistent 1.5 mbps connection speed. Because of this requirement, you cannot use Dial-up service. Additionally, the service does not work well with any service that uses a low bandwidth cap such as satellite or Wi-Fi internet services.

Q4: Does the Sky Angel service work wirelessly?
A4: The Sky Angel IPTV service works wirelessly through an antenna that screws onto the back of the STB.

Q5: I have WPA router security. Will this security key work with my wireless Sky Angel connection?
A5: Yes. Our STB supports both WPA and WEP security. At this time, however, our box does not support WPA2 security.

Q6: Can I take my Sky Angel STB to a friend’s house, church, or on vacation?
A6: Yes. You can watch your Sky Angel service anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guam. All you need is your STB and a consistent 1.5 mbps connection.

Q7: Can I use my Sky Angel STB and computer at the same time?
A7: Yes. To run the STB and computer at the same time, you will need a wired or wireless router.

Q8: Does Sky Angel work with Dish Network, Direct TV, or my local cable provider?
A8: Yes. Sky Angel can be used as a primary television service or in correlation with other television services. All you need to do is hook up both boxes to your Television.

Q9: Will the digital conversion on February 9, 2009 affect my Sky Angel service in any way?
A9: No. The digital conversion will not affect your Sky Angel programming at all.

Q10: Does Sky Angel offer my local channels?
A10: No. Sky Angel is unable to provide local channels, though we recommend that you continue to receive these channels in the same way that you currently do.

Q11: What other services besides basic programming does the Sky Angel STB offer?
A11: On the Faith Channels (100s), we do offer a 48-hour Rewind option that allows you to watch any programming that you may have missed in the past two days. Also, we offer Christian and Family Video on Demand movies, shows, and conferences and even karaoke for the singer in all of us.

Q12: If I have a technical question about installing the box or what kind of equipment to use, who should I contact?
A12: You are welcome to call and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you with any questions that you have. Also, you can email us or even use the forums on this Wiki page to find an answer to your questions.

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