Static IP


Static IP is whenever we set up an IP address on our Skyangel Set top box that does not change. This can be helpful if the Set top box is having troubles obtaining an IP address from the network. Also, static IP's must be set up in some cases in order to have DMZ function operate properly.

To set up a static IP on our STB, follow these steps:

  • Hit the yellow setup button
  • Select network configurations
  • Select static Ip on the left
  • Using the virtual keyboard, enter in all IP information (IP, Netmask, Router, DNS1)
  • Also remember the numbers in Router and DNS1 should be the same, and DNS2 should remain empty.
  • Save and reboot

Make sure that the IP address you give our STB is in the same range (192.168.1.xx) as the network it's operating inside. This last set of numbers in the IP address must be different than any other device to avoid IP conflicts.

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