The Set Top Box

SkyAngel Set Top Box (Transvideo i -Box/2000 Transvideo H.264 IP TV-STB)

This is an in depth explanation of the way the STB works.

Front of the STB

Wireless Antenna: This antenna amplifies the STB’s ability to pick up wireless networks. If the customer is using a wireless connection, always verify that the antenna is connected properly. If the customer is using a wired connection, verify that the antenna is disconnected from the STB.

Remote Control Sensor: This is the Infrared Sensor that picks up the remote control’s commands. If it is blocked in any way, the remote control will not work.

Power Light (Green): This Green light shows that the STB is turned on and has power.

LAN Light (Direct Connect) (Orange): This Orange light shows that the STB is connected to a modem or router through an Ethernet Cable. If the modem/router is connected to the STB through an Ethernet cable, but this light does not show, then it is possible that the cable may be bad. NOTE: If you are using a wired connection, detach the wireless antenna.

WAN Light (Wireless) (Blue): This Blue light shows that the STB is connected to a wireless network. This light may flicker and will probably not show up when the customer is on the Main Menu.

Power Switch: If the power switch on the back of the STB is in the ON position (-), then this switch will turn on and off the STB when pressed.

Back of the STB

ON/OFF Switch: This Switch begins in the “o” position which signifies the STB is off. The “-” position shows that the STB is on. Once the On/Off Switch is in the ON position, the customer can turn the STB on and off using the remote and the power switch located on the front of the STB.

USB Ports: These ports are not currently used.

LAN Port: This port is where the customer should connect the Ethernet cable if he/she is using a wired or direct connection. The orange light will be displayed on the front of the STB if the LAN port is being used.

MP Port: This port is not currently used.

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