The Sky Angel Pyramid of Connectivity
This section gives you the basics of how your Sky Angel service works. The Pyramid is made up of three sections—Display Device, Network Connectivity, and Bandwidth. If any of these three sections are removed, this pyramid will collapse, rendering the customer’s IPTV programming unwatchable. Let us look at the importance of each piece of the Pyramid.

Display Device


Of the three pieces, the Display Device may be the most important. If the Display Device is removed, the IPTV programming cannot be viewed—until you are able to receive a picture, it will be fruitless to troubleshoot your Internet connection or test your bandwidth. If you have questions, see Audio Video Setup for more information on how to connect the Audio/Video cables to the STB.

Typically, your Display Device will be a television using one of the three video connections: RCA (composite), Component, or S-Video. You will also use the Red and White cables to connect your audio.

Once you have video and audio from the STB, this portion of the triangle will be completed.

Network Connectivity


Network connectivity is essential.

Once you have a picture and sound on your display device, your next step will be to verify that your Internet connection is working. Without a network connection, your STB cannot access the internet. Sky Angel supports wired (RJ-45) and wireless (802.11b/g) connections.

Wired Connection: When connecting the customer’s STB to a wired connection, verify that the STB is connected properly to the modem or router.

Wireless Connection: When connecting your STB wirelessly, verify that your STB is connected to your wireless network and has the correct security key entered. If your STB is properly connected to the wireless network, you will see an LQ (Link Quality). This is the single most important part of verifying that your STB is connecting to the wireless network. If your LQ reads 0/100, the STB is not connected to the wireless network and the programming will not work. The STB can use either WEP or WPA wireless security, but not WPA2.

Once your STB has a good LQ established (65/100 or higher) or is directly connected to the STB, verify that the STB has a DHCP number.

Once the STB has a good LQ and a DHCP number, this part of the triangle is complete.



This is the third and final portion of the Sky Angel IPTV Pyramid. Once you can see the STB on your Display Device and you have verified that your Internet connection is active, you must verify that the STB is pulling in sufficient bandwidth.

Bandwidth is defined as the Internet speed that your STB is currently receiving. Without enough consistent bandwidth, the programming will not work properly. To ensure that the service works properly, the STB must receive and maintain a consistent 1.5Mbps.

This part of the triangle is complete if you can run a speed test on your STB and receive a consistent 1.5Mbps.

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