The Sky Angel Set-Top Box (STB)

SkyAngel Set Top Box (Transvideo i -Box/2000 Transvideo H.264 IP TV-STB)
This is an in depth explanation of the way the STB works.

Front of the STB

  • Wireless Antenna: This antenna amplifies the STB’s ability to pick up wireless networks. If the customer is using a wireless connection, always verify that the antenna is connected properly. If the customer is using a wired connection, verify that the antenna is disconnected from the STB.
  • Remote Control Sensor: This is the Infrared Sensor that picks up the remote control’s commands. If it is blocked in any way, the remote control will not work.
  • Power Light (Green): This Green light shows that the STB is turned on and has power.
  • LAN Light (Direct Connect) (Orange): This Orange light shows that the STB is connected to a modem or router through an Ethernet Cable. If the modem/router is connected to the STB through an Ethernet cable, but this light does not show, then it is possible that the cable may be bad. NOTE: If you are using a wired connection, detach the wireless antenna.
  • WAN Light (Wireless) (Blue): This Blue light shows that the STB is connected to a wireless network. This light may flicker and will probably not show up when the customer is on the Main Menu.
  • Power Switch: If the power switch on the back of the STB is in the ON position (-), then this switch will turn on and off the STB when pressed.

Back of the STB

  • ON/OFF Switch: This Switch begins in the “o” position which signifies the STB is off. The “-” position shows that the STB is on. Once the On/Off Switch is in the ON position, the customer can turn the STB on and off using the remote and the power switch located on the front of the STB.
  • USB Ports: These ports are not currently used.
  • LAN Port: This port is where the customer should connect the Ethernet cable if he/she is using a wired or direct connection. The orange light will be displayed on the front of the STB if the LAN port is being used.
  • MP Port: This port is not currently used.
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