Wireless Connection

In order to connect wirelessly, you must have a wireless modem/router.

The STB contains an embedded wireless network card and antenna which can receive a wireless network signal. In order to configure your STB wirelessly, follow these steps:

  1. First, verify that your router is connected to the Cable or DSL modem, powered on, and working properly. You can verify if the router is working by checking if devices attached to the router such as the customer’s home computer can access the internet.
  2. Verify that you can see the STB on the TV screen. The customer will see a NeuLion company logo at the start and then a "Please Wait" message. The STB will automatically search for available networks. This may take a few seconds.

If this is the first time you are turning on your STB, the Wireless Network selection screen will appear. This search will provide all the available wireless networks within range—choose your wireless network from the list. If the wireless network has an asterisk next to it, it is a secured network and a WEP or WPA key must be entered. The STB does not use WPA2 encryption.

IMPORTANT: The wireless network name (ESSID) cannot have spaces or special characters in the name. For example, if the ESSID is MY Linksys Router, it needs to be changed to MyLinksysRouter in order for your STB to connect wirelessly.

Use the virtual keyboard to enter the security key and then press the green arrow pointing left on the virtual keyboard to exit the screen. While you are using the Virtual Keyboard, pressing the SHIFT key on your remote will allow you to access capitalized letters. After you select the Return key, you will see a “Checking Password” message. Wait a few seconds. If you entered your Security Key correctly, the SA Main Menu will appear.

Here are some general rules for configuring the wireless settings in your router/gateway:

If your software version is 2.4.5 and you wish to use a wireless connection for the STB:

  • The router's Mode should set to B, G, or BG mixed. N-Only and B/G/N modes will freeze the STB.
  • WEP is recommended: WEP64-10 digit password/WEP128-26 digit password.
  • WPA TKIP/AES and WPA2 are not compatible with this software version (2.4.5).
  • The network name (SSID) should not contain any special characters or spaces.

If your software version is 2.5.0, and you wish to use a wireless connection for the STB:

  • The router's Mode should be set to B/G Mixed, G-Only, or B/G/N Mixed. N-Only mode will freeze the STB.
  • WPA TKIP/AES and WEP security can be used. On the Wi-Fi Setup screen, select 1 for WEP/None security, 2 for WPA TKIP wireless security, and 3 for WPA AES wireless security.
  • The network name (SSID) should not be affected by containing spaces or special characters.

Click here to check your software version.

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